PURE ONE S12 Series
Smart Vacuum Cleaner
PURE ONE S12 Series
Smarter, Deeper, Quieter, Longer Cleans.
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The PURE ONE S12 is a product of innovative design and high-quality engineering. This powerful, quiet, and versatile stick vacuum will take your cleaning experience to a whole new level.
iLoop™ Smart Sensor
Super-Strong Suction
All-in-one LED Display
4-Stage Filtration System
Smart App Integration
Smart Battery Management
TWO Power Brushes for Multi Floor Cleaning
Two brushes, double care for different floor types with build-in high torque motor, providing deeper cleaning.
iLoop™ Dust Sensor
iLoop Dust Sensor can detect the dust amount and adapt suction power automatically in real-time.
All-in-one LED display
All-in-one LED display shows complete working status on one screen, allowing you to monitor everything at a glance.
Power Suction Control at Your Fingertips
The power control slider is embedded with a capacitive touch bar, allowing you to easily switch from AUTO to Manual mode and adjust power as needed.
Smart Battery Management
Onboard Smart Battery Management boosts runtime to up to 100 minutes with two detachable 2500mAh Li-ion batteries.
*The shown model is PURE ONE S12 PRO EX, and some features may not apply on other PURE ONE S12 series models.
Self-Adjusting Suction Power with the iLoop™ Smart Dust Sensor
Thanks to the breakthrough cleaning tech of the iLoop™ Smart Sensor, the PURE ONE S12 series can detect hidden dirt and automatically adjust suction power in real time.
All-in-one LED Display
The PURE ONE S12 series comes equipped with an all-in-one LED display for working status and cleaning controls, including dirt and battery level, suction power, WiFi signal strength, and warnings about feature malfunctions.
Battery Level
Brush Rollor Tangled
Auto Mode
Dust Monitoring Loop
Power Indicator
Dust Sensor Malfunction
Air Channel Blocked
Complete Control at Your Fingertips

An interactive touch screen built into the PURE ONE S12 series allows you to easily control suction strength - or switch cleaning modes from Auto to Manual - with the touch of a finger.

Max Power Mode for Super-Strong Suction
With up to 145W in Max Power mode, the PURE ONE S12 series provides suction strengths up to six times greater than those of ordinary DC motor cordless vacuum cleaners for a deep and thorough clean every time.
Up to 100 Minutes Runtime
Engineered with smart battery management to extend runtime up to 100 minutes for cord-free cleaning and no down time.
*Not apply to all Pure One S12 Series
Smart Noise Optimization
The PURE ONE S12 series reduces noise to as low as 71 dB(A) for whisper-quiet operation that won't disturb you, family members, or pets.
Smart App Integration
Upgrade your PURE ONE S12 series experience by downloading the Tineco app. Track your cleaning progress, adjust settings, and get product support and updates from the palm of your hand.
HEPA Filter
Filter 0.3 micron dust and expel fresh air
Pre Filter
Block fine dust
Mesh Filter
Blocks hair and common dust
Cyclone System
Separate large particles
4 Stages Full Sealed Filtration System
Fully-seated, 4-stage filtration captures tiny dust particles and produces fresher, cleaner air for your home.
Two Power Brushes for Multi-Surface Cleaning
The PURE ONE S12 PRO EX comes with a Direct-Drive LED Multi-Tasker Power Brush and a LED Soft-Roller Power Brush to clean all types of surfaces from sealed hard floors to carpet. Both brushes feature bright LED lights to illuminate your cleaning path.
*The Soft-Roller Power Brush is only in the box of PURE ONE S12 PRO EX. The brush is applicable to other PURE ONE S12 series and could be purchased as an accessory at store.tineco.com
Smart Self-Cleaning Filter
With the Smart Self-Cleaning feature, the PURE ONE S12 series instantly cleans its own filter for consistent suction power and uninterrupted cleaning.
Effortless Versatility
The PURE ONE S12 series easily converts to a handheld vacuum cleaner for effortless floor-to-ceiling cleaning.Increase versatility with a range of included accessaries designed to clean every nook and cranny.
PURE ONE S12 Series
PURE ONE S12 Series Shot on
“I use this product frequently in my house with very good quality and easily utility with portable function. I am very satisfied with my user experience. ”
“The vacuum works great!!!! I did not know how much dog hair there was in my carpets. Very strong suction, not too loud.”
“The Tineco doesn't miss anything. Going up around the corners in the cabinet and edges it cleans up the dust, hair, and anything else that is on the floor. ”
“e. very good suction even when its not on the highest setting and its pretty quite.”
“This vacuum is everything I hoped for in a cordless vacuum. It is very quiet! It cleans my hardwood floors like a charm.”


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