Smart Floor Washer
Detects, Vacuums and Washes
A New Level of Clean
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Tineco's innovative iLoop Smart Sensor technology detects wet or dry messes automatically and adjusts suction and water flow for optimal performance. Mop up spills in one swipe and leave behind a streak-free, clean floor.
iLoop™ Smart Sensor
Smart Suction & Flow Control
Vacuum & Mop
All-in-one Display
Voice Prompts
Smart App Integration
Powerful Washing System
The built-in motor improves cleaning performance, while the precision blade squeezes away dirty water to keep the brush clean.
iLoop™ Sensor
Tineco’s innovative iLoop ™ sensor intelligently detects messes on the ground, then the FLOOR ONE S3 automatically adjusts water flow and suction for a completely clean result.
Dirty Water Tank
Clean Water Tank
All-in-one LED Display
LED screen displays the real-time working performance, power level, blockage information and more.
Self-cleaning Button
Never touch a dirty brush roller again. The FLOOR ONE S3 starts the self-cleaning process with a touch of button, keeping your hands clean.
Three-in-One iLoop™ Smart Sensor
Detects, Vacuums & Washes
Thanks to Tineco’s iLoop™ smart sensor technology, the FLOOR ONE S3 can detect wet and dry messes on indoor sealed floors* and automatically adjusts the suction and water flow accordingly.
*Can be used on any type of indoor sealed flooring, including tile, vinyl, wood, laminate, linoleum, and marble.
Auto-Control Water Flow & Suction Power
Suction power and water flow are automatically adjusted based on the debris detected. A powerful brush roller cleans tough, sticky messes better than traditional mops.
Cleans Tough Messes & Dries Instantly
Vacuums and washes tough, sticky messes in one easy step, leaving floors instantly dry and streak-free.
All-In-One LED Display
The FLOOR ONE S3 comes equipped with an all-in-one LED display for working status and cleaning controls, including dirt and battery levels, suction power, WiFi signal strength, and warnings about feature malfunctions.
Battery Level
Brush Rollor Tangled
Dirt Monitoring Loop
Power Indicator
CWT Empty
DWT Full or Blocked
Whisper-Quiet Operation
The FLOOR ONE S3 reduces noise to as low as 78 dBA for whisper-quiet operation that won’t disturb you, family members, or pets.
Smart Battery Management
Clean for longer without needing to recharge. The FLOOR ONE S3 knows just how much power to use to clean all types of messes, and auto-adjusts power, water flow, and suction accordingly. No battery power is wasted, resulting in a longer runtime of up to 35 minutes.
Voice Assistant
The helpful voice assistant gives real-time updates as you clean, including performance status, power level, blockages, and other operational information.
Smart App Integration
Connect to the Tineco app for an intelligent cleaning experience, featuring real-time performance monitoring, maintenance reminders, tech support, troubleshooting, and more.
One-Touch, Multi-Stage Self-Cleaning System
Never touch a dirty roller again. The FLOOR ONE S3 automatically cleans its brush roller and tubes with detergent and fresh water at the touch of a button, leaving your hands clean and your iFLOOR ONE S3 ready to use again.
Two-Tank Design
Two-tank design keeps clean water and formula separate from dirty water, so you always clean the floor with fresh water only.
Cordless Convenience
Forget the frustration of maneuvering around cords, buckets, mops, and heavy vacuums while you clean. The FLOOR ONE S3's lightweight, cordless body allows you to move freely. Easily maneuver up and down stairs and into every corner for complete and convenient cleaning.
Convenient Charging & Storage
Wall-mounted dock conveniently charges and stores your FLOOR ONE S3. While docked, the FLOOR ONE S3 will self-clean – so no mess or residue is left behind after cleaning.
FLOOR ONE S3 Series Shot on
“It works perfectly! It is really easy to use and leaves no traces. The design is very sleek and in terms of quality one can't complain, it is effective and helpful for cleaning. ”
“I bought this device to handle my floor cleaning easier and finish it faster. This device is absolutely amazing!”
Jens W
“This is amazing! It does it all so you don't have to. Clean out is gross, but that just means it is doing it's job! ”
“ I love this vacuum/mop cleans really good excellent quality love the self-cleaning feature overall all very satisfied. ”
“Love this, I use it basically everyday. Help keeps up with my long hair dog and cat. ”


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